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Join Much Hadham Cricket ClubAre you Much Hadhams’ answer to Freddie, KP or Shane Warne?

With the outstanding success of the Ashes last summer (even my mum, sister and girlfriend were hooked!), cricket in this country is sure to attract more new players than ever before.
Why not come and try your hand and what better place than picturesque facilities on offer at Much Hadham? 

We don’t have Freddie and we don’t have Shane but maybe you could help?  We can promise a fun, enjoyable and sociable afternoon to anyone who wants to try their hand at cricket, whether it is competitive league cricket on a Saturday or friendly cricket on a Sunday (this can often lead to a an innings at the pub as well!). 
Seriously, we are crying out for players of ALL abilities to come and play this summer so if you are interested, contact Nick Miller on 07920 426 994.  Colts and juniors are particularly welcome with nets being held every week on Thursdays (6.30pm to 8.30pm).

For those of you who would rather just follow the team, we have launched a brand new website at:

Here you can read all about us and read the latest match reports which are updated every week.  If I learn how to use my computer properly, you might even be able to see some pictures!
Nick Miller
Club Captain


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